A little about the house and us ...

The house is situated in beautiful surroundings in the middle of the island Roemoe. It was built in 1978. We have owned it since 2000 and subsequently upgraded it in various ways, among other things we have built an annexe with 3 berths, a wooden shed, and a bicycle shed. We think it's a beautiful house, which we have designed out of our own minds.
 We lend it to our children and other members of the family, and besides, we lent it out to others.

Living in Tønder we have now retired, but have previously worked as a social adviser and municipal development manager respectively. We spend much of our time working for Danish Red Cross and Amnesty International. But we are also keen golfers!

On the pages you can see pictures of the house outside and inside, the nature of Roemoe and round the house, how the house is decorated, and conditions if you want to rent the house.

Enjoy reading and also welcome to Roemoe!

Anne Kirstine Thomsen and Nis Georg Boegen

How the house is furnished :

The house, built in 1978, consists of a large living room separated from the kitchen by a “half-wall”, one bedroom, one bathroom / toilet, a "scullery" and a "loft". Moreover, a large south-facing terrace.

Living room
Here is a large dining table which can seat six people, but can be extended with leaves on either end.. In a large corner sofa round a coffee table, there is room for five or six persons. In addition, there are three good "armchairs" in bamboo and a pair of "director's chair." There are extra chairs around.
There is a radio set, a CD player, a TV with all Danish + a number of foreign channels.

On the bookshelves are found posters, books of various kinds, some literature on Roemoe and some good fiction.
There is electric heating in the house, but a totally effective and beautiful fireplace can heat all of the house.

In the kitchen you will find ample tableware, pots, pans and all sorts of other kitchen utensils. There is also a fridge with a small freezer.

Here is a very good double bed. There are lamps on both sides of the bed, plus a radio. There is a little wardrobe- space available for guests.

Toilet / Bathroom
Here is all you need: a good shower head, a washbasin, a toilet and shelves for towels etc.

On the 1st floor there is a "loft" (called “hems”) with four beds. Because of the low ceiling the "loft" is best suited for children and young people.

Scullery (bryggers)
Here is the vacuum cleaner, an indispensable tool for cleaning the house. Broom,  scrubbing brush, floor cloths and buckets. We generally use the “bryggers” as entrance hall.

The annex
Here is a single and a double berth, three beds. There is also a table and chairs for 3. A cosy room, especially for children. Here you can find a high chair for children, leaves for the dining table, cushions, and deck chairs.

Here is a small workshop equipped with various kinds of tools, nails, screws and other things intended for small repairs. Shed is normally locked.

Firewood shed / bicycle shed
Bikes available for guests. If you should have a puncture, remember to have it repaired before you leave.

The surrounding of the house:

The house is situated in a beautiful place at the end of a private gravel  road. On part of the lot the grass is cut, particularly in front of the house. The site is surrounded by several kinds of trees, among others larch, fur, and birch. There are paths where you can walk across the land and enjoy the countryside. On the ground there is heather, fern, and cherry plum a large number of other plants, which in their own way have helped to create a very varied nature. This holds good especially in August/September when the heather is blooming. Not only people visit our little place.. In the early morning you will be able to see deer up to the terrace. But also a lot of birds and hares take advantage of foraging on the site.

There are many ways in which you can experience Roemoe:

In some areas Roemoe is not different from other holiday destinations, but make a trip around the island. There are large completely undisturbed areas, which offers a rich varied and valuable flora and fauna. The island lies on a major route for migratory birds, and the landscape consists of beach, dunes and marshes.
Take a long walk across the island through plantations and over the desolate moorland stretching to the south of the island. Good for a picnic.
The beach at Lakolk is attractive. There are plenty of people on hot summer days .At Lakolk there  is rich opportunity for shopping . You will find all sorts of goods, especially clothes.

At Sønderstrand,  in the southwest corner of Roemoe, it is possible to bathe without a swimsuit. Of course it is also permitted to keep your clothes on!

Roemoe has a very interesting church, which is really worth  visiting.It stands midway between Kongsmark and Havneby.

In Havneby are two absolutely good fishmongers, who both have a large and varied selection of all kinds of fish.

If you wish to eat out, we can recommend the Restaurant LANDGANGEN in Havneby and HAVNEBY KRO. However, there are other dining options.

Are you for mushrooms, there are large quantities to pick in the autumn. The Tourist Office has a tradition of organizing mushroom tours with a qualified tutor.


Skov- og Naturstyrelsen (Danish Forest and Nature Agency)  has published a leaflet, which is a very fine guide for experiencing the  landscape of Roemoe. Completely unfolded there is a quite detailed map of the entire Roemoe.


Maybe the folder is in the house, or you can get it at the Tourist Office, which is located at the corner of Havnebyvej and Råbjergvej.

Go exploring Roemoe and you'll be enchanted!

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